Wine Tastings

Wine is a simple pleasure

Enjoyed by many people all around the world, this pleasure becomes even greater the more one learns about wine. The wine experience at Villa St Simon and La Galerie is about learning, tasting and sharing this great, but simple pleasure.

wine-tasting-IMG_5817Join us on one of our “Debunkings of wine”

This hour and a half coached tasting and wine presentation is aimed at people who simply enjoy wine and are interested in enriching this pleasure.

We debunk all things pretentious and get down to basics. You will learn -

  • How to read Bordeaux wine labels
  • How to store, present and serve wine
  • How to see the age of the wine in the glass
  • How to liberate and capture the bouquet of wine
  • The anatomy and the techniques of tasting
  • About pairing food with wine

The wines we focus on are the classic red Bordeaux blends, but much of what we cover is equally applicable to other wines. We meet at the galerie at 6:30pm most evenings, except Saturdays. The presentation includes tasting at least three Bordeaux wines, whereafter you can stroll to a nearby restaurant for dinner. The cost is 37€ per person.

With 60 appellations and more than 8000 châteaux the Bordeaux region and it’s wines in particular offer a huge field of learning: about the history of wine making, the culture of wine drinking and the reasons for French wine still being World’s reference when it comes to comparing wines from all over the world.

Our wine courses and wine tours are tailor-made according to your level of knowledge, the amount of time you spend with us and the depth you wish to experience. We offer chateau visits where you get to meet the winemakers and can discuss their specific approach in wine making, wine tastings, debunkings of wine and excursions to the World’s famous wine regions and châteaux. Our wine courses are limited to a fixed number of participants so your leaning experience will always be very individual and in accordance to your specific interests, level of wine knowledge, and experience.

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